You May Be Surprised by How Many Times Lady Gaga Has Been to the Met Gala

Believe it or not - despite being the queen of crazy costumes - Lady Gaga has only ever attended the annual Met Gala twice. The 32-year-old pop star has been conspicuously absent from the extravagant gala for the past two years, but this year it's guaranteed that she will be in attendance, as she and Harry Styles will be cohosting the 2019 event. The theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion" (which doesn't have anything to do with bonfires and sleeping bags, to be clear), is a perfect opportunity for Lady Gaga to show off her love of exaggerated fashion, and we can't wait to see what she shows up wearing. Read on to see The Star Is Born star's past Met Gala looks!

from POPSUGAR Fashion

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