The Fashion World Did Not Keep Quiet on International Women's Day - No, Ma'am

In honor of International Women's Day and the contributions women have made - and will make - to the world, celebrities, style stars, and fashion designers posted on Instagram to voice their support. Emma Watson made a sartorial statement with a satin jacket to celebrate female photographers and storytellers. Gisele Bündchen shared a sweet photo with her daughter, Vivian, to promote love and compassion. Diane von Furstenberg inspired us to be brave.

How they each chose to pay tribute might have been different, but the message among the fashion community remained the same: when we champion women's rights and equality and keep the dialogue open, everybody wins. Read through the slideshow to see all of the inspirational messages that were shared back in 2018 ahead of this year's IWD.

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from POPSUGAR Fashion

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