11 Places We Saw and Appreciated Diversity at Fashion Week

When it comes to the fashion world, we won't sit here and pretend that you can sense diversity all around you. That's simply not the case. It's true that with each season, a small handful of designers aim to cast a show with models from different backgrounds. But that is not enough, because we can still count on only two hands the runways that show extended sizing, and even then some fashion houses select only one or two women with curves.

But if we don't celebrate the cases of diversity that we do find, how can we inspire the rest of the industry to take a tip? That's why we're here to round up the instances we found that prove that fashion does not just apply to a select few. Clothes (yes, runway clothes!) are for all ages, all genders, all body types, and any damn ethnicity in the world. Take it or leave it.

from POPSUGAR Fashion https://ift.tt/2U13IdD

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