I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the Boot Trends I'll Be Wearing Straight Through Spring

As a fashion editor, blogger, and shopping enthusiast, I own over 100 pairs of shoes, ranging from sneakers to heels. But while I don't like picking favorites, booties have always been my number one footwear of choice. They're as versatile as you can get and work nearly year round, pairing well with everything from jeans to dresses to leggings. No matter the outfit vibe you're going for, there's a boot for that.

Booties are especially key when it comes to transitional dressing, as they're durable and comfortable, and - I can't drive it home enough - they go with everything. (Yes, even dress pants, if you choose the right style.) With so much variety, though, curating the perfect bootie collection can seem overwhelming or even pointless - I mean, do you really need seven pairs of black boots? The answer is yes, if they all serve different purposes!

Ahead, check out our go-to bootie styles for 2019.

from POPSUGAR Fashion https://ift.tt/2Iwn2Op

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