The Pink Pearls on Julia Roberts's Earrings Are 7.39 Carats Alone, Now Check Out the Diamonds

A surprise appearance by Julia Roberts at the 2019 Oscars was just what we needed. The star emerged on stage to present the award for best picture (Green Book FYI), dressed in a pink one-shoulder Elie Saab gown. Apparently, Julia's stylist, Elizbeth Stewart, knows magenta is her color, because she found her a pair of earrings with pearls in the same shade too.

The Cindy Chao architectural jewels were made up of 34.67 carats, 7.39 of which came from the 16 bright conches that stick out from the 18k yellow gold spine. The baubles might remind you of a coral reef, if you're anything like me and you dream about the ocean all day long.

Julia was wearing a total of 1,106 diamonds when she glided gracefully across the stage, projected into the microphone, and congratulated the winners. Meanwhile, I think I'd be sweating like I was stuck in a sauna for four hours just knowing how luxurious my earrings were. But hey, that's why she's Julia Roberts, and I'm . . . not. Scroll down to zoom in on Julia's majestic accessory, and shop some similar pieces if you're into the look.

from POPSUGAR Fashion

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