Ashley Graham Just Gave Me a Reason to Buy a Jacket 3 Times Larger Than Necessary

Putting Ashley Graham and "sexy" in the same sentence is basically a redundancy at this point. The supermodel-slash-style-star notoriously makes the rounds putting the sultry in outfits that might register as "basic" on anyone else. Enter Ashley celebrating Gigi Hadid's birthday in an oversize denim jacket cinched at the waist with a chain-link belt and worn not with pants but with thigh-high boots. On a scale from one to head-turning, this is "I just spit out my morning coffee" sexy. The real kicker? She managed to make that kind of jaw-dropping statement all without trying too hard.

Contrary to the once-popular belief that minidresses, body-con fabrics, and slinky straps are the key to sultry style, Ashley took what may be the most traditionally "unsexy" of pieces - a giant denim jacket, worn at least three sizes too big - and flipped it on its head. Unbuttoned just to there . . . nipped in at the waist, so as not to hide her shape . . . and finished not with sneakers (though I'm inclined to think even sneakers here couldn't detract from the allure) but with thigh-grazing boots and a Fendi clutch, Ashley, like a fashion magician, transformed something utilitarian into a look that's, well, frankly smoldering. In conclusion, my wardrobe now suddenly feels lacking in that I don't possess my own XXL jacket. You too? Join me here to shop your own.

from POPSUGAR Fashion

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