This Mickey T-Shirt Is the Quickest $26 I've Ever Spent at Zara

How do I explain to you that this day is the best day ever simply because I bought this t-shirt, without you thinking I'm exaggerating? What if I told you my two favorite things in the world are Disney and running, then would this all start to make sense? And let me just say, as a fashion editor who appreciates a good Zara haul, I have never in my life (seriously, not once!) arrived at Zara's site and checked out immediately with just one item in my cart. In my experience, you don't just buy something at Zara without browsing through virtually every category. You could be missing great things!

But, my friends, this time I knew there was simply nothing better than this tee. Your Fendi baguette may be your most prized possession, but something like this is mine. I treasure the shirts that make strangers stop dead in their tracks at Epcot and point at me, wide-eyed, begging, "Where did you get that? Did you find that here?" I can picture it now - how I'll smirk, knowingly, and nod my head. "It's pretty great, right? I got it a long time ago at Zara." Also, JIC you think I am all talk and didn't actually go through with this transaction exactly as I've detailed above, you can scroll for pure proof. My fellow Disney freaks, marathon runners, and Zara shoppers everywhere, I invite you to join me.

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