Kendall Jenner Has a Good Idea For Her Engagement Ring, and We Just May Copy It

When Kendall Jenner was asked if she would "DM [her man] potential rings," she laughed and said "totally." A girl after our own heart. But Kendall got even more specific about the type of engagement ring she imagines receiving one day when she spoke to Elle about her ongoing partnership with Tiffany & Co.

"I mean, I kind of love the idea of letting the man pick it and having it be that pretty thing that he kind of thought of himself. And having the feeling of like, oh, he made this with me in thought, kind of a thing. I like thinking that just the way it was made reminded him of me. That to me is kind of romantic. But at the same time, I'm the type of person that would give hints, and be like, I kind of want this,'" she said.

While Kendall's currently tied to Ben Simmons, and the two have recently been spotted on a date night, she's pretty hush-hush about her relationship. But as we all know, that doesn't mean she can't have ideas for a gorgeous sparkler down the line.

Kendall's also worn Lorraine Schwartz jewels on many red carpets over the years, so we wouldn't be surprised if her partner ends up creating something with the brand, or even Tiffany & Co., at a later date. Until then, read on to see some of our favorite red-carpet jewelry moments Kendall brought to life.

from POPSUGAR Fashion

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